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2974 Wine Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35215,USA +1 (407) 780-0943 +254 737330059
Lamini Home Of love

Core Value

Eastland’s Community Church (ECC) Core Values

(1) We teach the Bible with authority to inform the mind, instruct the heart and change character so that seekers find Christ and mature in Him.

(2) We support the spiritual nurture of the family as one of God’s dynamic means to perpetuate the Christian faith.

(3) It is our conviction that believers should grow in financial stewardship and support the mission of Eastland's Community Church.

(4) We believe that prayer releases miraculous power from heaven to effect God’s will and so we immerse everything we do in prayer.

(5) We serve with a conviction the God deserves and desires the best and so we honour him by maintaining excellence in all  our activities.

(6) Lost people matter to God and to us; and we use every available Christ honoring means to pursue, win, and disciple them.

(7) God has called us into a family, the body of Christ, and endowed us with diverse gifts and we are thus committed to team  ministry.  

(8) At Eastland's Community Church we value worship that is both accurate and authentic and so purposefully engage people in God centered worship.

(9)  We value forms of ministry that will engage our people positively, stir them up for involvement and so use their spiritual gifts to serve others.

(10) We believe in innovation and creativity as we serve God and also new ways of ministry to help us remain culturally relevant in this rapidly changing world.

(11) We encourage creative member need-based cell-groups as a primary building block of our Church which enables genuine practice of Christian faith.


Lords Army Ministries

Behind Morphic Ark Hotel – Behind Kario Bangi Round About Nbi,

+254 737330059

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